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Martial Arts Chatham, Blenheim, Sarnia, karate

All LevelsBasic FundamentalsForms/SetsArnisSelf DefencesTeachingWeaponsSparringWithin that core of the training are 5 sub-levels.


Basic Fundamentals

Stances, Blocks, Punches, Kicks and Footwork


Forms and Sets

These are dance like movements that work primarily on body mechanics, hand/eye co-ordination and speed



Broken down into the embryonic stage - Intermediate and sophisticated levels of training (dealing with single and multiple attackers)



Modern Arnis:Rattan SticksTraditional:Staff, Tonfa, Kama, Sabre, Nunchaku


Sparring - Three categories:

Basic: Hand and Feet movements (point control)

Intermediate: Hand and Feet combinations (continuous)

Advanced: Kick boxing drills (Open)


Mandatory Sparring Equipmenthand gear and foot gearmouth guard, head gear, cup and supporter



Martial Arts Chatham, Blenheim, Sarnia, karate

Dynasty Martial Arts focuses on a unique karate program especially designed for children. We stress discipline through performing tasks when told, respect through bowing on and off the training floor and to fellow students. Kenpo Karate is a valuable asset for school studies because this is an excellent extra curricular program which develops concentration as well as physical skills. Attending each class and practicing for stripes and belt testing instills confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


Our Kenpo Karate program is entertaining as well as educational. It teaches not to do karate on others unless it is for self-defense. We emphasize that students should not bully others but to assist those who need help. Talk, Walk, Defend. We care for your child's progression and encourage parents to watch and help at home. We also encourage suggestions and questions to keep communication lines open.


Sets and forms develop memory, hand/eye co-ordination and speed. We offer an introductory lesson to get your child familiar with our program, then make a transition to the group classes. We also strive to place your child in the best class time where we feel your child will perform the best.


The DMA staff is fully qualified and licensed by Mr. Rob St. Jean. All of these high ranking instructors are concerned about your child's feelings and progress because they feel our entire school is affected by their performance. We are a team and strive for your support and confidence.


The Children's Kenpo Karate Program is divided into three groups to provide appropriate instrucion to meet each student's needs at every age and level of training.


The categories are:

Tigers and Dragons > Ages 5 to 6

Beginner Juniors > White to Yellow Belt

Intermediate Juniors > Orange to Purple

Intermediate Juniors 2> Blue to Green

Advanced Brown to JBB

To keep things safe and orderly, our dojo has a set of rules that are rather simple to abide by. They are as follows:

  • Please arrive on time and dressed for class

  • Students are not to arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before class

  • Please be quiet while class is in session

  • Smoking is prohibited

  • NO profanity accepted

  • No jewellery while in classNo sparring without supervision

  • No running/horseplay

  • Sparring rules: light contact to body, NO contact to head, throat, back or groin area

  • Mandatory sparring gear: head gear, hand and foot gear, cup/supporter, mouth guard

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children prior to class

  • The studio will not be responsible for any children remaining after their class time is over

  • The studio will not be held responsible for any student remaining in the parking lot after the completion of their class

  • All injuries should be reported to the studio immediately

  • Parents/Guardians should try to have their children use the restroom prior to class

  • All small children who are not students must be accompanied by an adult

  • UNIFORMS ARE MANDATORY and are either included in the start-up fee or specials. Start-up fee is a one time, non-recurring charge and is non-refundable

  • All student dues and outstanding merchandise must be taken care of prior to promotion testing

  • Snow days - where there is no regular school, studio will not hold classes

  • Students who are testing for their new belt level will be announced approximately 1 - 2 weeks in advance